What kind of actionable outcomes can we expect from developing a Sustainability Strategy Plan with Solu?

We understand that beginning this journey can be daunting, especially with the vast amount of information and strategies out there. Our service provides a clear, step-by-step approach to sustainability. So we take time to educate you, key decision makers and employees on the “Why is this necessary and important?”, then create a Baseline for where your business is at today. Measuring with metrics is important to drive tangible improvements that can be communicated externally – transparently and consistently, to customers and suppliers. Then we take time to understand your business and industry to look at the “How do we make improvement” options open for sustainability gains. We then support you on creation of your first Sustainability Plan that includes both a pathway to Strategic multi-year intent and more short term specific actionable objectives with associated targets for year 1. Then we support you to look to year 2… and 3 and so on. With the changes in regulation and need for Climate action. This process is very much a journey and not a destination.