Accelerate Growth with Strategic Sales Solutions

Accelerate your EMEA market growth with Solu's Sales-as-a-Service. Our strategic approach combines market insights and innovative strategies to expand your reach and secure new connections. All projects considered - short, medium, long term. We will build a bespoke solution to suit your needs and budget.

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Your Extended Sales Engine

Unlock your business's potential with Solu Sales-as-a-Service. Leveraging our years of experience in the EMEA market, we build you a bespoke Sales Strategy & Execution engine to meet your growth aspirations. This service is designed for Technology firms aiming to penetrate the EMEA market or expand your market reach. Our service combines strategic insight with operational excellence. From precise market & solution analysis in the planning phase to effective execution & deployment towards deal closures, Sales-aaS equips your business with the resources, the network, the tools and the expertise for your EMEA Market expansion. Partner with Solu, transform your market challenges and potential into sustainable growth.

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Market Analysis

First we spend time with you, to understand your business, your offering, your unique value proposition and where success and learnings have been gained. Once we understand your position, unique offering and value proposition, we delve into the EMEA market with a comprehensive analysis, uncovering competitors, customer preferences, and trends. This crucial step informs a tailored market entry strategy, positioning your offerings for success and identifying growth opportunities.

Awareness of Needs Strategy Development

Craft a bespoke sales strategy that navigates market entry and competitive positioning, focusing on scaling and market share growth. Our expert insights create a roadmap from penetration to sustainable expansion. Most importantly creating a unique engagement plan that supports your needs. With set milestones and end of project targets. We will define what Success will look like. We work as your extended Sales engine to achieve it.

Lead Generation

Leverage existing trusted relationships across the EMEA ecosystem and advanced techniques to identify and engage with potential customers, focusing on high-value prospects. Our targeted approach enhances conversion rates, laying the foundation for successful sales efforts.

Sales Execution

Implement strategic sales initiatives, engaging potential clients with customized pitches and negotiation tactics to demonstrate clear value. Our skilled team drives conversions, supporting revenue growth and market expansion.

Our Process

Embarking on your Sales journey with Solu is a seamless process designed to understand and align with your business goals while maximizing positive impact. Follow these steps to transform your operations into a model of eco-efficiency and innovation:


Initial Discovery Meeting

Kick off with a discovery meeting to understand your business, products, and market aspirations. This initial consultation helps us tailor a sales strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Market Analysis and Strategy

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the EMEA market relevant to your tech firm, identifying opportunities and challenges.

Implementation and Execution

With a strategy in place, our team works alongside yours to implement the plan. From lead generation to pitching and closing deals, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring effective execution.

Review Results

We agree a regular Review discipline to manage progress vs targeted milestones. Rest assured every project is communicated in measurable metrics with key learnings logged. Solu is your pathway to Sales success.

Why Go for Sales-aaS?

In the fast-paced technology landscape, securing a foothold in new markets is more than a strategic move—it’s essential for growth. Solu’s Sales-aaS propels your business into the EMEA market, ensuring your offerings not only reach, but also resonate, with the right target audience.

Our strategy, built on 25+ years of Technology experience, is designed to navigate the complexities of international expansion. We make entering new territories or growing further within existing territories, less daunting, providing the expertise to make informed, impactful decisions.

Facing stiff competition and diverse customer expectations, businesses must select the right partnerships, understand their solution/offering objectively, and how it sits in the competitive landscape, then adapt and innovate to achieve the potential scale in constantly evolving markets. Solu offers your business the honesty, along with timely insight and the agility needed, to outpace competitors and meet market demands head-on.

Lets Get Started
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We consciously maintain a balanced portfolio. We work with our vendors in a deep and strategic way. That keeps our focus on our Vendors priorities. When we onboard a new vendor, we offer a detailed draft Solu Services agreement. This documents: Project commencement/term, Supply of services, Customer's Rights and obligations, Deliverables and Customer Materials, Data Protection, IP Ownership, Intellectual Property Rights indemnity, Charges and payment, Limitation of liability, Termination/Exit arrangements, Data Protection Processing, Personal Data and Data Subjects. Contact us and we can discuss your needs and draft a bespoke Service agreement with you.
We operate as a Private Limited company registered in the UK. We have partnerships and customers across the UK, European and Global region. Our links to Europe and beyond are strong. As is our understanding of the business and regulations. Come visit us. London has great transport links, as does Bristol or Birmingham closer to us... and Cheltenham is a great place to visit with an annual Jazz, Literature and Horse Racing Festival..
We look for industry leaders with Globally recognised brands to sell leading edge technology. In parallel we look for new and innovative technology approaches that drive tangible Sustainability gains. Where accelerating adoption of these new technologies drives real benefits for our planet. Maybe they are Low Power and so require less electricity to operate. Maybe they are a Cloud Datacenter in an ideal geographic location to take benefit from natural resources for cooling. We select the Sustainable Technology leaders as partners and accelerate awareness to achieve scale. Customers can then see benefit by switching to such greener technologies in their annual Sustainability reporting.
Solu's Sales-aaS is bespoke for you. Yes we have ideas and experience to bring to the conversation. However, we start with you. Where are you at? What do you have? What's your unique value proposition? How does that map to the target market? Where can we help you differentiate? We are pragmatic and speak in simple terms. We offer strategic planning and execution support tailored to your business's stage and goals, ensuring you a successful market entry, path to success and sustainable growth.