What makes Sales-aaS different from traditional sales consulting?

Solu’s Sales-aaS is bespoke for you. Yes we have ideas and experience to bring to the conversation. However, we start with you. Where are you at? What do you have? What’s your unique value proposition? How does that map to the target market? Where can we help you differentiate? We are pragmatic and speak in simple terms. We offer strategic planning and execution support tailored to your business’s stage and goals, ensuring you a successful market entry, path to success and sustainable growth.

What kind of actionable outcomes can we expect from developing a Sustainability Strategy Plan with Solu?

We understand that beginning this journey can be daunting, especially with the vast amount of information and strategies out there. Our service provides a clear, step-by-step approach to sustainability. So we take time to educate you, key decision makers and employees on the “Why is this necessary and important?”, then create a Baseline for where your business is at today. Measuring with metrics is important to drive tangible improvements that can be communicated externally – transparently and consistently, to customers and suppliers. Then we take time to understand your business and industry to look at the “How do we make improvement” options open for sustainability gains. We then support you on creation of your first Sustainability Plan that includes both a pathway to Strategic multi-year intent and more short term specific actionable objectives with associated targets for year 1. Then we support you to look to year 2… and 3 and so on. With the changes in regulation and need for Climate action. This process is very much a journey and not a destination.

How does Solu select the companies and technologies it represents as a Sales Rep?

We look for industry leaders with Globally recognised brands to sell leading edge technology. In parallel we look for new and innovative technology approaches that drive tangible Sustainability gains. Where accelerating adoption of these new technologies drives real benefits for our planet. Maybe they are Low Power and so require less electricity to operate. Maybe they are a Cloud Datacenter in an ideal geographic location to take benefit from natural resources for cooling. We select the Sustainable Technology leaders as partners and accelerate awareness to achieve scale. Customers can then see benefit by switching to such greener technologies in their annual Sustainability reporting.

What support can we expect from Solu in terms of local market regulations within the EMEA region?

We operate as a Private Limited company registered in the UK. We have partnerships and customers across the UK, European and Global region. Our links to Europe and beyond are strong. As is our understanding of the business and regulations. Come visit us. London has great transport links, as does Bristol or Birmingham closer to us… and Cheltenham is a great place to visit with an annual Jazz, Literature and Horse Racing Festival..

How does Sales-aaS tailor its approach for different tech firms looking to enter the EMEA market?

We consciously maintain a balanced portfolio. We work with our vendors in a deep and strategic way. That keeps our focus on our Vendors priorities. When we onboard a new vendor, we offer a detailed draft Solu Services agreement. This documents: Project commencement/term, Supply of services, Customer’s Rights and obligations, Deliverables and Customer Materials, Data Protection, IP Ownership, Intellectual Property Rights indemnity, Charges and payment, Limitation of liability, Termination/Exit arrangements, Data Protection Processing, Personal Data and Data Subjects. Contact us and we can discuss your needs and draft a bespoke Service agreement with you.